P-05-803 Our natural world is being poisoned by single use plastics...it’s time to introduce a tax!, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 18.03.20

Dear Assembly Member,

Our members are extremely frustrated that some politicians make public statements about tackling the rising tide of single use plastics, but then fail to take any real action.

We also believe that after 20 years of devolution, we should have the ability and confidence to develop our own policies to tackle this plastic emergency.

We therefore welcome the proposal to introduce a charge on single use cups but believe that polystyrene single use cups and food containers are a much bigger threat to the environment and should be included.

The threat from new streams of plastic waste such as pet food pouches and crisp packets must also be added to the agenda, along with micro plastics.

We fully appreciate that at the moment priorities will be diverted to tackling the Corona virus threat, but the plastic pollution crisis cannot be ignored indefinitely.

Yours faithfully,

Rob Curtis

Friends of Barry Beaches