P-05-778 Protect the Razor Clams on Llanfairfechan Beach, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee – two responses




Dear Petition Committee Members


Re: Protect the razor clams on Llanfairfechan Beach


Thank you once again for the ongoing work of the Petition Committee members in respect of this petition and for the opportunity to comment on the letter dated 3rd March from Lesley Griffiths AC/AM.The Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs.


It is pleasing to note in the Minister’s letter that once the assessment of the razor clam beds is complete and information about the extent and viability of razor clam beds is available that ‘”Officials will consider a closed period,daily quotas and a total allowable catch as part of any future management measures and legislation …..to help improve the ….sustainability of the fishery”. The point about individual “daily quotas” may need to take account of the fact that in the past; there is verifiable evidence; that the number of people visiting the beach for the purpose of collecting the clams, has on some occasions been between 50 - 100 people. Clearly: such numbers: even over only a few occasions is likely to have a profound affect on the health and sustainability of razor clam beds. Therefore, in line with the initial premise of the petition the officials drawing up any legislation may need to look to the “total allowable catch”  for each individual over/within the agreed open season to ensure legislation protects the environment and aids the sustainability these razor clam beds for the future, whilst simultaneously  providing clear and equitable rules for those managing and monitoring the harvesting and those engaged in the harvesting. 


I also wish to inform the Petition Committee Members that despite the current ban on harvesting razor clams that some people are still coming to the beach to collect clams, particularly after big tides. 


I hope these comments may be included/raised at the March Meeting of the Petition Committee.


Once again thank you for your ongoing interest and actions on resolving this important local issue.


Yours sincerely


Vanessa L Dye(Mrs)

Petitioner for Protecting the Razor Clams on Llanfairfechan beach






Thank you for the opportunity to make additions to the attached letter dated 14th March. The only thing I would like to add is that there have been at least three further violations of the Harvesting ban. This has involved people arriving in cars together, which may also be in breach of the social distancing laws.