P-05-908 CF3 against the Incinerator, Correspondence – Petitioners to Committee, 16.03.20

Andrew (the original organiser of this petition) forwarded to myself to compose a response to you.

My name is James Alderman, one of the founding members of the "Residents against the CF3 Incinerator" group (with other 3000 members).

To say I am disappointed by the attached response from Mrs James would be an understatement.

I understand completely that she can't comment fully on the planning/DNS side of things but it would have been nice for her to recognise the sheer scale of the resistance from the community against this Incinerator.

We are working alongside Vaughan Gething who has come out publicly as opposing this Incinerator, and also Stephen Doughty.

We also worked with Cardiff Council who have also opposed this development.

Please pass on the link to the debate when it is held. I have over 3000 concerned residents who will want to see this debate.




James Alderman