Agenda - Plenary

Meeting Venue:

Y Siambr - Y Senedd

Meeting date:
Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Meeting time: 13.30




This meeting will be held in a hybrid format, with some Members in the Senedd Chamber and others joining by video-conference.

The Llywydd has determined that, in accordance with Standing Order 34.14A-D, Members will be able to vote from any location by electronic means.



1       Questions to the Minister for Economy

(45 mins)                                                                                                         

The Presiding Officer will call Party Spokespeople to ask questions without notice after Question 2.

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2       Questions to the Minister for Health and Social Services

(45 mins)                                                                                                         

The Presiding Officer will call Party Spokespeople to ask questions without notice after Question 2.

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3       Topical Questions

(20 mins)                                                                                                         

To be answered by the Trefnydd:

Paul Davies (Preseli Pembrokeshire): Will the First Minister make a statement on the mechanisms of the Co-operation Agreement between the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru?



4       90 Second Statements

(5 mins)                                                                                                           



5       Member Debate under Standing Order 11.21(iv) – Cancer diagnosis and treatment

(60 mins)                                                                                                         

NDM7842 Mabon ap Gwynfor (Dwyfor Meirionnydd)

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Welcomes the Welsh Government’s single cancer pathway approach.

2. Recognises:

a) that cancer is the leading cause of death in Wales and that 19,600 people are diagnosed with cancer every year in Wales (2016-2018).

b) that the challenges facing cancer services in Wales have been compounded by COVID-19, with around 1,700 fewer people beginning cancer treatment between April 2020 and March 2021.

c) that NHS Wales cancer waiting times for July 2021 show that the percentage of patients receiving their first treatment within 62 days of first being suspected of having cancer was at 61.8 per cent, which is well below the suspected cancer pathway performance target of 75 per cent.

d) that even before the pandemic, Wales was experiencing significant gaps in the workforce that diagnose and treat cancer, such as in imaging, endoscopy, pathology, non-surgical oncology and specialist nurses.

e) that without multi-year investment in training and employing more staff to fill current vacancies, Wales will not have the frontline staff and specialists needed to address the cancer backlog, cope with future demand, or make progress towards ambitions to diagnose and treat more cancers at an early stage.

f) that the Wales Cancer Alliance criticised the quality statement for cancer, published in March 2021, for not setting a clear vision to support cancer services to recover from the impact of the pandemic and further improve survival. 

g) that Wales will soon be the only UK nation without a cancer strategy, which the World Health Organization recommends all countries have.

3. Welcomes the successful rapid diagnostic clinic pilots in Swansea Bay University Health Board and Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board, and that the Wales Cancer Network has provided funding to all other health boards to develop rapid diagnostic clinics.

4. Calls on the Welsh Government to:

a) provide an update on the next steps for the quality statement for cancer, including ambitious targets and mechanisms for tracking progress investment for staff, equipment and infrastructure;

b) address the long-standing staff shortages within cancer and diagnostic services;

c) consider how the recommendations in Professor Sir Mike Richards review of diagnostic services in England could be applied in Wales.

Altaf Hussain (South Wales West)
Cefin Campbell (Mid and West Wales)
Heledd Fychan (South Wales Central)
James Evans (Brecon and Radnorshire)
Jane Dodds (Mid and West Wales)
Janet Finch-Saunders (Aberconwy)
Joel James (South Wales Central)
Laura Anne Jones (South Wales East)
Luke Fletcher (South Wales West)
Mark Isherwood (North Wales)
Paul Davies (Preseli Pembrokeshire)
Peter Fox (Monmouth)
Rhun ap Iorwerth (Ynys Môn)
Rhys ab Owen (South Wales Central)
Sam Rowlands (North Wales)
Siân Gwenllian (Arfon)
Sioned Williams (South Wales West)



6       Welsh Conservatives debate – Small businesses

(30 mins)                                                                                                         

NDM7854 Darren Millar (Clwyd West)

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Recognises small business Saturday in championing Wales’s small businesses.

2. Believes that small businesses are the beating hearts of the communities that they serve and are a vital part of the Welsh economy.

3. Encourages communities to shop local to support small businesses to grow and thrive, creating jobs for local people.

4. Calls on the Welsh Government to continue to support small businesses through changes in procurement policy across the public sector, helping them to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following amendment has been tabled:

Amendment 1. Siân Gwenllian (Arfon)

In point 4, after ‘sector’ insert, 'that is based on a local-first principle, increasing Welsh-based public sector procurement from the current level of 52 per cent'



7       Welsh Conservatives debate – Motor neurone disease

(30 mins)                                                                                                         

NDM7855 Darren Millar (Clwyd West)

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Recognises that motor neurone disease (MND) is a rapidly progressing disease that has no cure and that a third of people die within a year of diagnosis.

2. Welcomes the UK Government’s investment of £50 million to fund research into new treatments for MND.

3. Acknowledges that equitable and faster access to housing adaptations are essential to ensuring people living with MND can live safely, independently and with dignity in their own homes.

4. Believes that the impact of the delays in installation of housing adaptations and the means testing process has a huge impact on the time people living with MND have left.

5. Calls on the Welsh Government to simplify access to housing adaptations by creating a non-means tested, fast-tracked process.

The following amendment has been tabled:

Amendment 1. Siân Gwenllian (Arfon)

Add as new point at end of motion:

Calls on the Welsh Government to explore the establishment of Wales-based centres of expertise for neurological diseases to improve the scale and quality of clinical trials and increase patient access to new treatments.



8       Plaid Cymru debate – Household debt

(60 mins)                                                                                                         

NDM7856 Siân Gwenllian (Arfon)

To propose that the Senedd:

1. Notes the Bevan Foundation’s report on the impact of COVID-19 on household debt.

2. Notes the rising prices of utilities bills.

3. Notes the Welsh Government written statement on support for the winter fuel support scheme and household living costs.

4. Calls on the UK Government to reform the rural fuel duty relief scheme and increase in fuel duty in areas which have received above UK average public investment in public transport infrastructure.

5. Calls on the Welsh Government to:

a) work with local authorities to clear some of the significant council tax arrears that have been built up over the course of the pandemic;

b) work with the UK Government to establish a consistent baseline of support by energy suppliers for indebted customers;

c) explore the possibility of legislation that would place a duty on all public bodies, including schools and colleges, to prevent debt.

Debt in the pandemic - The Bevan Foundation

Written Statement: Welsh Government support for Winter Fuel Support Scheme and Household Living Costs

The following amendments have been tabled:

Amendment 1. Darren Millar (Clwyd West)

Delete point 4.

Amendment 2. Darren Millar (Clwyd West)

Delete 5(c) and replace with:

work with public bodies, including schools and colleges, to explore measures to prevent problem debt.

Amendment 3. Darren Millar (Clwyd West)

Add as new sub-points at end of point 5:

create and publish a cold weather plan;

expand the financial support available to assist those struggling to meet growing energy bills;

invest in home energy efficiency, prioritising the poorest households in the least efficient homes;

produce regular estimates of the number of fuel-poor households in Wales.



9       Voting Time




10    Short Debate

(30 mins)                                                                                                         

NDM7853 Rhianon Passmore (Islwyn)

Creating a musical Wales for the 21st century: access, well-being and opportunity



The Senedd will sit again in Plenary at 13.30, Tuesday, 7 December 2021



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