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Cross-Party Groups

Cross-Party Groups may be set up by Assembly Members in respect of any subject area relevant to the Assembly.

A group must include Members from three political party groups represented within the Assembly. Cross-Party Groups are not formal Assembly groupings and are not, therefore, bound by any of the Assembly's Standing Orders. They have no formal role in policy development.

The National Assembly for Wales is currently in dissolution until after the election on 5 May 2016.

Dissolution is the official term for the end of a parliamentary session. It occurs before elections to the National Assembly for Wales take place, as the seats of existing Assembly Members must be vacated before they can be contested in the election.

Throughout dissolution there are no Assembly Members and so there will be no Assembly business, such as committee or Plenary meetings during this time.

The Fifth Assembly will begin after election day on Thursday 5 May 2016.

Find out more about what you are voting for in Wales by visiting our election website: 

Cross Party Groups cease to exist at the point of dissolution and will be required to re-register from the start of the Fifth Assembly.

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