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P-05-708 To Make Mental Health a Part of the National Curriculum

Under consideration

This petition was submitted by the Sarah Harmon, having collected 224 signatures.


Petition Wording

It is important to educate young people about the signs and symptoms of mental illness. To promote mental wellbeing, by learning positive coping mechanisms, how to channel emotions positively. It is important to raise awareness of mental health, to smash the stigma and discrimination that millions of people face each and every day. This will bring a better understanding of how to support people with mental difficulties. More people will feel easier to reach out and get the support they so desperately need and early intervention, meaning more NHS money and lives can be saved. Only if we make a difference now. I feel that if mental health was part of the national curriculum, the signs and symptoms of my Anorexia could have been spotted earlier, then left it was too late. I feel that people would have been more supportive and understanding if they had the education. I am just one woman trying my best to educate the next generation thanks to Fixers UK. I run my own project called Black Cat Project. I hope the government take this on board. Let's Make A Difference Now!



This petition is currently under consideration by the Petitions Committee

It was first considered by the Petitions Committee on 13/09/2016


Assembly Constituency and Region

  • Montgomeryshire
  • Mid and West Wales


Further information

Business type: Petition

Reason considered: Assembly Business;

Status: For consideration

First published: 08/08/2016



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