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Standards of Conduct Committee Reports

Reports produced by the Standards of Conduct Committee can be accessed using the links below.


Committee Reports


Lobbying (PDF 592KB)


Response from the Assembly Commission (PDF 316KB)

January 2018

March 2018

Committee Reports to the Assembly under Standing Order 22.9

Standing Order 22.9 states that the Committee must investigate any complaints referred to it by the Commissioner for Standards and report to the Assembly as soon as possible on completion of the investigation.


Report 02-18 to the Assembly under Standing Order 22.9 (PDF 502KB)

July 2018

Report 01-18 to the Assembly under Standing Order 22.9 (PDF 2MB)

Report from Sir John Griffith Williams QC under paragraph 8.6 of the procedure for dealing with complaints against Assembly Members (PDF 726KB)


April 2018



Report 01-17 to the Assembly under Standing Order 22.9 (PDF 817KB)

August 2017

Other Reports considered by the Committee


Standards Commissioner’s Annual Report 2017-18 (981KB)

July 2018

Standards Commissioner’s Annual Report 2016-17 (1MB)

July 2017

Standards Commissioner’s Annual Report 2015-16 (4MB)

July 2016


Business type: Other

Status: Report published

First published: 28/06/2016



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