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Post-legislative scrutiny of the Higher Education (Wales) Act 2015

Response to the consultation

Evidence submitted in response to this Consultation

Purpose of the consultation

The National Assembly’s Children, Young People and Education Committee is conducting short and focussed post-legislative scrutiny of the Higher Education (Wales) Act 2015.

The Committee is mindful that work on the Welsh Government’s proposed Post-compulsory Education, Training and Research (PCETR) reforms are well-advanced.

It is keen therefore to understand how well the 2015 Act is working, and what lessons can be learned from the Act, before any new legislation is introduced.

The Committee would welcome your views and evidence on the following (there is no need to answer all questions if any are not relevant, likewise please feel free to address any matters not mentioned below that you believe are relevant):

1.           Has, or is the Act, achieving its policy objectives, and if not why not?

2.           How well are the Act’s overall arrangements working in practice, including any actions your organisation has had to take under the Act?

3.           Are the costs of the Act, or your organisations own costs for actions taken under the Act, in-line with what Welsh Government stated they’d be?

4.           Has the Act achieved value for money?

5.           Have there been any unintended or negative consequences arising from the Act?

6.           Are there any lessons to be learned from the Act and how it is working in practice that may be relevant to the proposed Post-compulsory Education, Training and Research (PCETR) Bill?

7.           Are there any lessons to be learned from how this Act was prepared in 2014/15 (formulated, consulted on, drafted etc)?

* the policy objectives and costings can be found within the Welsh Government’s revised Explanatory Memorandum that supported the passage of the Bill through the National Assembly.

The Committee would be grateful to receive stakeholders’ evidence by 17:00, Friday 03 May 2019.


Providing Written Evidence

The National Assembly for Wales has two official languages, Welsh and English.

In line with the Assembly’s Official Languages Scheme, the Committee requests that documents or written responses to consultations intended for publication or use in National Assembly proceedings are submitted bilingually. When documents or written responses are not submitted bilingually, we will publish in the language submitted, stating that it has been received in that language only.

We expect other organisations to implement their own standards or schemes and to comply with their statutory obligation.

Please see guidance for those providing evidence for committees.


Disclosure of information

Please ensure that you have considered the Assembly’s policy on disclosure of information before submitting information to the Committee.

Contact details

Should you wish to speak to someone regarding this consultation, please use the below contact details:

Children, Young People and Education Committee
National Assembly for Wales
Pierhead Street
CF99 1NA

Telephone: 0300 200 6565



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