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Previous consultations

Title Status
Welsh Government Draft Budget Proposals 2016-17Completed
Inquiry into the Priorities for the future of Welsh Rail InfrastructureCompleted
Fourth Assembly Finance Committee LegacyCompleted
Committee inquiry into the Draft Wales BillCompleted
Follow-up to Children, Young People and Education Committee's Inquiry into Adoption Services in WalesCompleted
Draft Public Services Ombudsman (Wales) BillCompleted
The Draft Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) BillCompleted
Fourth Assembly Business Committee Legacy ReportCompleted
Inquiry into the BBC Charter ReviewCompleted
Bus and Community Transport Services in WalesCompleted
Fourth Assembly Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee LegacyCompleted
Fourth Assembly Health and Social Care Committee LegacyCompleted
A Smarter Energy Future for Wales?Completed
Tax Collection and Management (Wales) BillCompleted
Inquiry into the Potential of the Maritime Economy in WalesCompleted
Public Health (Wales) BillCompleted
Review of the Petitions SystemCompleted
Welsh in Education Strategic Plans (WESPS)Completed
General principles of the Environment (Wales) BillCompleted
The Care and Support (Eligibility) (Wales) Regulations 2015Completed
Historic Environment (Wales) BillCompleted
Future FundingCompleted
Discussion on the Welsh Government's Co-investment in Skills FrameworkCompleted
Collection and management of devolved taxes in WalesCompleted
The Determination for the Fifth AssemblyCompleted
Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) BillCompleted
Natural Resources Wales - Annual Scrutiny 2015Completed
Renting Homes (Wales) BillCompleted
Local Government (Wales) BillCompleted
Consideration of powers: Public Services Ombudsman for WalesCompleted
Inquiry into value for money of Motorway and Trunk Road InvestmentCompleted
Legislative Consent Memorandum: Medical Innovation BillCompleted
Inquiry into Supply TeachingCompleted
Safe Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) BillCompleted
Qualifications Wales BillCompleted
Assembly Member salaries for the Fifth AssemblyCompleted
Proposed changes to the determination regarding allowances for Assembly Members in the Fifth AssemblyCompleted
Employment opportunities for people over 50Completed
Inquiry into alcohol and substance misuseCompleted
Inquiry into Poverty in Wales - Community-based approaches to tackling povertyCompleted
One-day inquiry into still births in Wales: follow-up workCompleted
General principles of the Planning (Wales) BillCompleted
Inquiry into Assisting Young People into WorkCompleted
Safe Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) BillCompleted
Financial Education and Inclusion (Wales) BillCompleted
Inquiry into the organic production and labelling of organic productsCompleted
General principles of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) BillCompleted
Inquiry into Poverty in Wales - Strand 1Completed
Welsh Government Draft Budget 2015-16Completed
Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) BillCompleted
Future pension arrangements for Assembly Members - July 2014Completed
New psychoactive substancesCompleted
Post-legislative scrutiny of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010Completed
Higher Education (Wales) BillCompleted
Minimum Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) BillCompleted
Inquiry into recycling in WalesCompleted
Inquiry into energy efficiency and fuel poverty in WalesCompleted
Consultation on future pension arrangements for Assembly MembersCompleted
Inquiry into the public forestry estate in WalesCompleted
Making Laws in WalesCompleted
Inquiry into TourismCompleted
Holiday Caravan Sites (Wales) Bill: consultationCompleted
Inquiry into Best Practice budget processesCompleted
Financial Education and Inclusion (Wales) BillCompleted
Inquiry into the Disqualification of Membership from the National Assembly for WalesCompleted
Follow-up inquiry on the contribution of community pharmacy to health servicesCompleted
Follow-up inquiry into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) SkillsCompleted
what is the future of llanelli rugbyCompleted
Orthodontic services in WalesCompleted
Inquiry into progress made to date on implementing the Welsh Government’s Cancer Delivery PlanCompleted
Inquiry into Child and Adolescent Mental Health ServicesCompleted
Inquiry into Senior Management PayCompleted
Finance Wales InquiryCompleted
Inquiry into EU funding opportunities 2014-2020Completed
Inquiry into the availability of bariatric servicesCompleted
Inquiry into the Welsh Government's approach to the promotion of trade and inward investmentCompleted
Inquiry into Public Libraries in WalesCompleted



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