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Latest Updates about leaving the European Union (Brexit)

This page gives details of any meetings held which will, or did, discuss the matter, and includes links to the relevant Papers, Agendas and Minutes.

Note: Meeting Agenda can change at short notice. Particularly where future meeting dates are indicated more than a week in advance. Please check before planning to attend a Committee Meeting that the item you are interested in has not been moved.

Meeting: 22/01/2018 - External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee (Item 5.)

5. Monitoring the EU Negotiations

Supporting documents:

Meeting: 12/07/2017 - Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee (Item 2)

Presentation on the implications of Brexit for the Committee's Forward Work Programme


The Committee listened to the update and discussed the issues raised.





Meeting: 08/05/2017 - External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee (Item 2.)

Brexit Update

Supporting documents:

Meeting: 07/12/2016 - Chairs' Forum (Item 2)

Brexit (12:15 - 12:25)

David Rees – Chair of External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee


The Forum discussed the need for work on Brexit to be joined up to avoid duplication and ensure all areas of policy were covered.  They agreed that the role of the chair of EEAL was key in this.  They noted that while it was for EAAL to lead on high level issues there was a role for most committees over the coming years and that it was important that nothing was missed as a result.


There have been some informal discussions between chairs, for example with CLA on constitutional matters and other chairs flagged up areas they were likely to be looking at shortly. 


The forum agreed that officials should prepare a paper on the full range of activity planned in this area and that it should be circulated to all Members. They also agreed that this should be a standing item on the Forum agenda.


[UPDATE: A paper has been tabled for discussion on 5 April 2017.]

During the discussion it was agreed that work should be done on pursuing a closer relationship with individual Cabinet Secretaries’ private offices and/or departmental officials in Welsh Government. It was noted that this works well in Westminster but had not been a feature at the Assembly since the formal separation in 2007. A note would be prepared for the next meeting on the existing protocols.

[UPDATE: A paper to note has been circulated with the papers for 5 April 2017.]

Meeting: 14/07/2016 - External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee (Item 3.)

3. EU Referendum: Implications to Wales - briefing by Assembly Commission officials

Supporting documents:

  • Paper 1: Research Service Brief - Wales and the EU
  • Paper 2: Reserach Service Brief - Update Paper

Meeting: 14/07/2016 - Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee (Item 4)

Presentation by Loughborough University

Professor James Stanyer, Professor of Communications and Media Analysis, Loughborough University

Dr Emily Harmer, Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies, Loughborough University


4.1 Professor James Stanyer and Dr Emily Harmer presented their research findings to the Committee.

4.2 Dr Emily Harmer offered to provide the Committee with further details on issues which have gained prominence in the media narrative since the referendum vote.



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