October 2018

Dear colleague,


The Children, Young People and Education Committee is scrutinising the Welsh Government’s progress in developing the new Curriculum for Wales and is holding its next scrutiny session on this area with the Cabinet Secretary for Education on 10 January 2019.


Committee Members would be very keen to hear from those involved, and/or with a particular interest, in the work being undertaken to develop and design the new curriculum. The Committee would welcome written evidence from stakeholders on any of the following areas. Please note there is no need to address each point, only those on which you have something to say:

·         Progress towards producing a draft Curriculum for Wales in time for its publication by the Welsh Government for public feedback in April 2019;

·         The role of Pioneer Schools and any opportunities and challenges in their involvement in curriculum design;

·         The latest position regarding the work of the Working Groups which have been established for each of the six Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLE);

·         The involvement of academic and other external expertise in informing curriculum design;

·         How the ‘What Matters?’ statements, published in December 2017, are evolving into the design of curriculum content in each of the six AoLEs;

·         Progress in defining achievement outcomes at the various progression steps within the new curriculum;

·         How the development of the new Curriculum for Wales is aligning with the development of the new national professional learning offer for teachers;

·         Communication with schools and teachers of the curriculum development work being undertaken and the engagement of all schools (not only Pioneer Schools);

·         Effectiveness of the governance arrangements, role of the Independent Advisory Group and Chair Board, and involvement of the Education Reform Strategic Stakeholder Group;

·         The preparedness of schools and teachers for delivering the new curriculum and to what some extents of the concepts of Professor Donaldson’s Successful Futures review are being tested and carried out already;

·         The role of the Curriculum and Assessment Group in ensuring the development of the curriculum is on track and the outcome of its ‘checkpoint’ meeting of 13-14 November 2018 to review progress;

·         Progress in developing new assessment arrangements;

·         The steps being taken to ensure that the new Curriculum for Wales complements other Welsh Government priorities, including (but not restricted to) Cymraeg 2050;

·         Any other issue stakeholders wish to draw to the Committee’s attention.


The Committee would be grateful to receive stakeholders’ evidence by 17:00, Friday 07 December 2018.

Yours sincerely,

Lynne Neagle AC / AM
Cadeirydd / Chair