Following the meeting on 7 February 2018, Witnesses agreed to provide information on the following:

·         A breakdown of your percentage spend on CAMHS

·         Are you currently commissioning advocacy provision for children and young people (including IMHA)?

The following information was received by e-mail on 19 February 2018 and 1 March 2018 from Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board:


·         The CAMHs budget is 13 million. We have an integrated CAMHS team and provision (primary, specialist, crisis and therapeutic) in North Wales so it’s not possible to split the budget into percentage spend.


·         Our Tier 4 CAMHS service has a contract with Tros Gynnal, an independent advocacy service with specialism working with young people. They visit the inpatient unit once per month for the Young Person’s Liaison Group. They also meet with all young people on admission and can attend more frequently as required if requested. Young people are also put in contact with the Independent Mental Health Advocates (IMHA’s) whether under section or not as an added layer of governance.