SOW 06

Bil Ombwdsmon Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus (Cymru) Public Services Ombudsman (Wales) Bill

Ymateb gan: Ann Jones 

Response from: Ann Jones 


I have been informed by my constituency AM Ann Jones, Vale of Clwyd that the above mentioned Bill is open to the public to engage their opinions. I would therefore like the opportunity to raise my views on the provisions of the Public Service Ombudsman Bill. This Bill is relevant to my complaint case xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, as a request by myself for an independent Investigation by the Ombudsman was-rejected, due mainly to the statutory 12 month time limit as laid down by law. Please can you make an amendment to the upcoming Bill, to allow the Ombudsman, in exceptional circumstances to undertake an investigation beyond the 12 month time constraint.


My complaint case was taken through the Community Health Council (CHC) who advised me throughout the complaint procedure. This was in regard to XXXXXX xxxxxxx healthcare and in particular her transfer back to ward from the Cybi Unit (ICU) at Ysbyty Gwynedd, when she suddenly arrested and died. I followed the right complaint procedure met with key medical staff, only to be informed very belatedly I was out of time to take my complaint to the Ombudsman. I was poorly advised over the 12 month time constraint by the CHC and there were numerous delays some deliberate, over meetings but I was informed at the time that the Ombudsman would take this into consideration. I received no apology from the hospital over xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx practices they would implement to improve the safe transfer of patients.


The Ombudsman reviewed my case but in written reply mainly concluded due to the 12 month statutory llmit from when the complainant was aware of grounds to make a complaint to his office, he could not independently investigate. If the Ombudsman had the power to investigate in these exceptional circumstances, then serious cases such as mine would not fall through the net. Please help safeguard future xxxxxxxxx such asxxxxxxxxxx, by allowing an amendment to provide the Public Service Ombudsman greater powers of discretion to investigate beyond 12 months in exceptional circumstances and hold medical staff to account


I look forward to hearing from you and the Committee's considerations.