Oral Assembly Questions tabled on 8 March 2017
for answer on 15 March 2017

R - Signifies the Member has declared an interest.
W - Signifies that the question was tabled in Welsh.

(Self-identifying Question no. shown in brackets)

The Presiding Officer will call Party Spokespeople to ask questions without notice to the Minister after Question 2.

To ask the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government

1. Dai Lloyd (South Wales West): Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on Welsh Government funding for public service projects within the City and County of Swansea? OAQ(5)0104(FLG)


2. Sian Gwenllian (Arfon): Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on the initial response from local authorities to the white paper on Welsh local government reform? OAQ(5)0111(FLG)W


3. Julie Morgan (Cardiff North): Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on any Barnett consequentials arising from the Chancellor’s Spring Budget? OAQ(5)0114(FLG)


4. Lynne Neagle (Torfaen): Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on the implications of the UK Government’s 2017 Spring Budget on the Welsh block grant? OAQ(5)0110(FLG)


5. Angela Burns (Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire): Will the Cabinet Secretary outline what the Welsh Government has done to increase transparency within local government? OAQ(5)0112(FLG)


6. Russell George (Montgomeryshire): Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on the allocation of funding to the Communities and Children portfolio to support the Welsh Government’s car parking pilot scheme? OAQ(5)0105(FLG)


7. Neil McEvoy (South Wales Central): Will the Cabinet Secretary provide an update on the work of the external advisory panel on EU withdrawal? OAQ(5)0107(FLG)


8. Gareth Bennett (South Wales Central): What discussions has the Cabinet Secretary had with local authorities to ensure accountable and transparent governance of the Cardiff Capital Region City Deal? OAQ(5)0108(FLG)


9. Rhianon Passmore (Islwyn): Will the Cabinet Secretary outline how the Welsh Government's supplementary budget will benefit the people of Islwyn? OAQ(5)0113(FLG)


10. Jenny Rathbone (Cardiff Central): What progress has been made by public service boards to meet their obligations under the Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015? OAQ(5)0109(FLG)


11. Dai Lloyd (South Wales West): What assessment has the Cabinet Secretary made of the ability of local authority trading standards departments to tackle rogue international product suppliers? OAQ(5)0103(FLG)


12. Janet Finch-Saunders (Aberconwy): Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on local government reorganisation with particular reference to arrangements for regional working? OAQ(5)0106(FLG)


13. Mohammad Asghar (South Wales East): Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on the delivery of local government services? OAQ(5)0102(FLG)


To ask the Assembly Commission

1. Simon Thomas (Mid and West Wales): What steps is the Commission taking to promote travelling to the Assembly in electric vehicles? OAQ(5)0004(AC)