Whilst it is a laudable aim to promote the Welsh language for those who are interested and who live in those parts of the country where it is widely spoken it is unrealistic to aim for almost a quarter of the total population of Wales and to promote it at a time when many main services are being savagely cut: when some are being moved to central areas often far removed from those who live on the periphery; when some medical operations are not available for many months though some seem to be more regularly available in the Cardiff and Glamorgan areas.

Many people are becoming disillusioned with the Labour Government and are beginning to wonder whether in the desire for power they are prepared to become bedfellows with the extremists of Plaid and are even prepared to have a Baroness on its benches – Aneurin Bevan must be turning in his grave:

Many of our young, aspiring young people still have to cross the border into England to study and to find work where the ability to speak Welsh is of little relevance and they find their own ability in written and spoken English is more limited.

Local services are becoming more limited – sports centres are being privatised with the inevitable consequence that what they have to offer becomes too expensive and could lead to closure.

Libraries are under threat; roads are becoming potholed; grass verges are uncut; flowers are not planted; public toilets are mothballed and so on.

Workers in some of our major industries are fearful of unemployment.

The youth cannot find relevant apprenticeships.

Carpenters, bricklayers and plumbers etc have to become self-employed with the concomitant effect of prices charged by earnings stagnate and zero hours becomes the norm for some.

Many electors see politicians as self-serving hence the rise of UKIP, Brexit and other right-wing groups in major countries who espouse to be democratic.

To promote further Welsh medium education and Welsh medium schools with enhanced facilities whilst forcing the closure and/or amalgamation of English medium schools reeks of bias and favouritism and could lead to the demise of the Labour Government of Wales.

Learn the lessons of UKIP, Brexit and Trump before it is too late and always treat every section of society fairly without preference.

John Cole