Carl Sargeant AM 
 Minister for Natural Resources 
 Welsh Government


                                                                                                28 September 2015

Dear Carl

Environment (Wales) Bill – Further information

Further to your attendance at our meeting on 16 September 2015, I would be grateful for additional information in relation to several issues that were raised.

I would be grateful if you could provide:

·         The percentage of Welsh land which would be affected by the Secretary of State for Wales’ refusal to grant consent in relation to Section 6 of the Bill;

·         Detail on how the ‘area trial’ pilot schemes (that relate to ‘area statements’) have performed, once the information becomes available;

·         Confirmation on whether or not the report conducted by Eunomia (used to inform the Bill’s regulatory impact assessment) only looked at traditional macerators and not at enzyme bio-digesters and/or food water recovery systems; and

·         A note on the arrangements for retaining fee income from marine licensing for reinvestment in that service.

Additionally, I request a copy of the Secretary of State for Wales’ letter to the First Minister in relation to Minister of the Crown consents. If this is not available in the short term, I would be grateful if you could provide confirmation of the consents that the Secretary of State has granted and those that he has refused.


Yours sincerely

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Alun Ffred Jones AM

Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee