RH 42

Y Pwyllgor Cymunedau, Cydraddoldeb a Llywodraeth Leol/

Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee

Bil Rhentu Cartrefi (Cymru)/Renting Homes (Wales) Bill 
Ymateb gan: Dŵr Cymru

Response from: Dŵr Cymru



Response from Dŵr Cymru – contracts with 16-17 year olds



In response to your letter, we are a statutory water and sewerage undertaker and as such, we do not enter into contracts with our customers and we provide a supply and service to properties in the area that we serve regardless of the age of those people occupying them. 


Since January 2015, landlords in Wales have had to inform the water company serving rental properties they own in Wales about tenants in their properties within 21 days of tenants moving in.  If this isn’t done, the landlord can become jointly and severally liable with the tenant for any outstanding charges.  So, we will always seek to recover unpaid charges either from the tenant if we have their details, or from the landlord if they had not advised us of the tenant’s details.