Annexe 1 – Terms of Reference

To consider—


1.   the general principles of the Renting Homes (Wales) Bill and the need for legislation to improve the arrangements for renting a home in Wales-


In coming to a view on this you may wish to consider addressing the individual Parts of the Bill:

                     i.        Part 2 – Occupation contracts and landlords – including the two main types of occupation contract, the nature of contracts that can be made, the fundamental provisions of occupation contracts, key matters and additional terms of occupation contracts, and model contracts;

                   ii.        Part 3 – Provisions applying to all occupation contracts – including, written statements, deposits and deposit schemes, joint-contract holders and joint landlords, the right to occupy without interference, anti-social behaviour and other prohibited conduct, rights to deal with occupation contracts, transfer and succession, landlords consent, and compensation;

                  iii.        Part 4 – Condition of dwelling – including landlord’s obligations as to the condition of a dwelling and landlord’s right to access dwelling;

                  iv.        Part 5 – Provisions applying only to secure contracts – including variation of contracts, withdrawal from a joint contract, lodgers, prohibited conduct standard contracts, and transfer to another secure contract-holder;

                    v.        Part 6 – Provisions applying only to periodic standard contracts – including exclusion for specified periods, variation of contracts, and withdrawal from a joint contract;

                  vi.        Part 7 – Provisions applying only to fixed term standard contracts – including exclusion for specified periods, variation of contracts, withdrawal from a joint contract, transfer on the death of a sole contract-holder and forced transfers;

                 vii.        Part 8 – Supported standard contracts – including mobility and temporary exclusion;

               viii.        Part 9 – Termination etc. of occupation contracts – including termination without a possession claim, termination of all occupation contracts, termination of secure contracts, termination of periodic standard contracts, termination of fixed term standard contracts, possession claims, abandonment, and forfeiture;

                  ix.        Part 10 – Miscellaneous– including young people, consultation obligations of community landlords, trespassers, and existing tenancies and licences;

                   x.        Part 11 – Final provisions– including interpretation of the Act, Crown application, consequential and transitional provisions, regulations and commencement.


2.   any potential barriers to the implementation of these provisions and whether the Bill takes account of them;

3.   whether there are any unintended consequences arising from the Bill

4.   the financial implications of the Bill (as set out in Part 2 of the Explanatory Memorandum;

5.   the appropriateness of the powers in the Bill for Welsh Ministers to make subordinate legislation (as set out in Chapter 5 of Part 1 of the Explanatory Memorandum).