Minutes - Business Committee

Meeting Venue:

Presiding Officer’s office, 4th floor - Tŷ Hywel

Meeting date: 11 June 2019

Meeting time: 08.30 - 09.15







Committee Members:

Elin Jones AM, Llywydd (Chair)

Rebecca Evans AM

Darren Millar AM

Rhun ap Iorwerth AM

Caroline Jones AM

Committee Staff:

Aled Elwyn Jones (Clerk)

Others in attendance

Ann Jones AM, Deputy Presiding Officer

Manon Antoniazzi, Chief Executive & Clerk of the Assembly

Siwan Davies, Director of Assembly Business

Siân Wilkins, Head of Chamber and Committee Service

Gwion Evans, Head of the Llywydd's Private Office

Elin Roberts, Policy Adviser to the Llywydd

Helen Carey, Welsh Government



1       Introductions, apologies and substitutions



2       Minutes of the previous meeting



3       Organisation of Business



3.1   This Week's Business



·         Voting Time will take place after the last item of business.




·         All voting will take place before the short debate.



3.2   Three Week Timetable of Government Business

The Trefnydd notified Business Managers of the following changes to Government Business for the next 3 weeks:


Tuesday 18 June 2019 –

·         Statement by the Minister for Housing and Local Government – The Working Group on Local Government - next steps (45mins)

·         Statement by the Deputy Minister and Chief Whip: Progress Towards Wales becoming a Nation of Sanctuary (45 mins) will be issued as a written statement


Tuesday 25 June 2019 –

Debate on the M4 Corridor around Newport (90 mins)



3.3   Three Week Timetable of Assembly Business

Business Committee determined the organisation of Assembly business and agreed to schedule the following items of business:


Wednesday 26 June 2019 –

·         Joint Debate with the Welsh Youth Parliament (60 mins)

·         Debate on a Member’s Legislative Proposal (30 mins) – postponed to 3 July


Wednesday 3 July 2019 –


·         Debate on a Member’s Legislative Proposal (30 mins) – postponed from 26 June

·         Debate on the Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee report  - The Future development of Transport for Wales (60 mins)

·         Debate on the Children, Young People and Education Committee report - Bacc to the Future: The status of the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification (60 mins)

·         Time allocated to the Welsh Conservatives (60 mins)



3.4   Joint business item with the Welsh Youth Parliament

Business Managers agreed that the item should be taken as the first item of business - in advance of Government business. They also agreed to conduct a vote (if required) on the motion immediately after the item concludes, rather than defer it to Voting Time. They noted that the Llywydd will suspend the meeting after the item, with business resuming at 14.30.


Business Managers also agreed to reschedule the Members’ Legislative Proposal debate for 3 July, to accommodate the additional item.


The Trefnydd asked that someone from the Commission’s Youth Parliament  team be available to discuss the draft declaration with Government officials.



3.5   Member Debates: Selection of Motion for Debate

Business Managers selected the following motion for debate on 6 June:



Sian Gwenllian

To propose that the National Assembly for Wales calls on the Welsh Government to ensure that the history of Wales is taught to every school pupil in Wales without exception.


Supported by:

Suzy Davies



4       Committees



4.1   Request from Finance Committee for a formal off-site meeting

Business Managers agreed the request.



4.2   Letter from HSCS Committee to the Llywydd

Business Managers noted the letter, and agreed the timetable for the Bill.



4.3   Consideration of 5000 signature petitions

Business Managers considered and noted the paper.



5       Standing Orders



5.1   Proposal to amend Standing Order 1.3

Business Managers considered the report and asked for some amendments to be made. Officials will make the amendments and recirculate to Business Managers for agreement, before laying this week.



6       Assembly Business



6.1   The effect of recent changes to group membership on committees

Business Managers discussed the paper, and Caroline Jones agreed to confirm the Brexit party’s preferences after their group meeting this morning.





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